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Difference Between Wired and Wireless Network - 17 Dec 2018 14:26


In recent years wireless networks have become more popular. With the technological advancement, wireless speed wire cable, and many home and business have their networks applied to them and game of thrones wifi names

Wireless certainly provides flexibility and comfort, while there are several other important factors to consider while using cable instead of network.

Speed ​​- When it comes to data transfer, we float, and speed networking is definitely important. Wireless speed on the other hand, which is unlikely to be able to get cable offers. Wireless N gives speed of 300 MB PS. Of course, you can find a specific environment to trust up to one-third.

Another issue to consider in terms of speed is fluctuation. Broadcasting on cable usually results in stable and steady speed. game of thrones wifi names It can not always be said for wireless devices. Interference and signal waste mean that strong wireless connections can transmit faster and can descend.

Reliability - If you are going from one point to the wireless network, then you have more reliability issues. There is no physical media since then, the data should be transmitted through the air and its path should go through every surface. This means that the signals can be blocked or your connection is suffering from deviation and degradation.

On the other hand, physical cables are located on a wired network in one place and have long service life expectancy. The wiring network rarely fails. This means that you got speed and strength only after day and night.

Security - One of the biggest problems with wireless networks is adequate security measures. Since then, the information of the air is transferred, they can be easily blocked. Strong encryption (WPA / WPA2) means that the data can not be read until you have a real key. However, many wireless networks are still unsure or have weak WEP encryption and are vulnerable to security breaches.

There is no problem with this problem in the wired network. Physical access can be achieved only by the person who has access to the basic structure. A wireless network can be reversed outside the building, for example, in a parking lot, accessible!

Because you can see, when you decide that you want to use wired or wireless network, there are many ideas. game of thrones wifi names The combination of both can be very effective with proper safety procedures. It would be stupid to completely replace the wired network through any company's wireless network. - Comments: 0

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